We will be on Government Street at 9:00 am and start our tour of Victoria in the best possible way: by having breakfast at the most famous hotel in the city , the Fairmont Empress.

From here we will start walking towards Craigdarroch Castle , a majestic construction built in the late 19th century. We will visit its interior admiring the beautiful rooms.

Then, we will go to Victoria Distillers , the perfect place for spirits lovers. This place is especially famous for the production of artisanal gin : for this reason,

Our Victoria tour will then take us to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens or to carry out a wine tasting at the Church & State Winery : you can choose between these two experiences when booking.

Finally, we will conclude the itinerary by visiting the famous Butchart Gardens , a fairytale place where we will immerse ourselves in nature.

To reach the State of Victoria it is particularly convenient to fly to Melbourne . For this trip I flew with Qatar Airways . If you want some more advice, I refer you to the first part of the guide to the discovery of Australia in which I talked about the flight experience.