Tips for Whale-watching

Whale-watching encompasses watching some of the largest mammals in their natural habitats. It can be a thrilling experience especially when it is done at the right time and as recommended by tour guides who know when it is the right time to explore the sea for a thrilling sea cruise. Here are some of the tips to get the most out of your sea adventure:

  • Book with a reputable tour company

Whale-watching can be a cruise experience for first-timers, it may also be the most expensive and time-consuming experience, especially when adventuring with children. Before booking tickets for your whale watching tour, take time to research tour guide companies and settle on a company that posted extremely well in terms of feedback and reviews from past clients. Make sure you keep time and arrive in time to take care of nitty-gritty things before boarding. Running up and down and rushing to finish up before the start of the tour makes the tour hectic and it is uncalled for.

  • Check the weather conditions and marine forecast keenly

Although cruising through rough waters and getting water splashed might sound thrilling for some, it might not be a good time for whale watching. Whale watching tours with Spirit of Hervey Bay might decline to go into the sea when they think it is unsafe, but generally, whale watching requires a calm day. Sea tour guides will not have seasickness in case unexpected things happen while in the sea, so if you are prone to seasickness, it is better to choose the calmest day possible for your whale watching tour.

  • Check sightings

Going into the sea for a whale watching adventure has no guarantee that you will see the whales, that said, whales migrate as they wish, so sightings are empirical that you might get a chance to see them. You must check the latest sightings and the type of species sighted before commencing the tour. In case of unsuccessful whale searching, not all is lost, take your time to enjoy the sea and other alternatives like birds, sea breeze, waves and more and try another time.

  • Pack well for the sea

The weather in the sea can be unpredictable and the temperatures can go extreme, dress well for the sea and remember it might pour down amid the sea. Wear sunscreen and make sure they are well attached so they are not blown into the sea. If you are wearing sunglasses, make sure they have lanyards so you don’t risk them diving into the sea.

  • Don’t forget the camera

You will not want to lose all the memories of your adventure. The camera will help you capture the moments, capture the whale’s tail or whatever you encounter while in the sea. Keep a record of your experience in whale watching adventure to show others or refresh memories later on.

  • Try again another time

If your first trip was not successful, try again another time, every adventure in the sea is not the same. And probably those beautiful photos you see on the websites or newsletters are from many years back, and similar sightings might not happen often. So don’t give up, if you are not successful the first time, try again another time and you might be lucky.

  • Take motion sickness medication if you are prone

If you are not certain how your body will react to sea motions, take the right medication first before boarding.