Proper etiquette for dining

Eating dinner at a posh restaurant requires dining etiquette long before you sit down at the table. If you have been invited to a dinner party it is important to RSVP even if your response isn’t requested. Do not ask if you can bring somebody along who has not been invited. When you arrive it is better not to go empty handed you might want to buy a hostess gift which could comprise of anything from candles, wine to flowers and chocolates. It is a much appreciated gesture and one which is going to win your Brownie points as well.

The right table seating etiquette

When you are dining at a restaurant at Richlands Hotel, just waiting around in confusion for your seat is not a good idea. When it comes to formal dining it is important to keep an eye out for place cards with direct you where you are supposed to sit. The chair nearest to the host has been considered as places of honor and if you are not too sure about where you are supposed to sit it is better to ask your host but don’t do so until they are themselves seated.

Once you have sat down at the table you should not immediately take the napkin of the plate in fact it is important to wait until everyone has been seated and then put the napkin on your lap. If you do need to excuse yourself from the table make sure that you place the napkin on the arm of a chair and not back at the table.

Often times the simple idea of navigating the table cutlery can put anyone in dread. However it is pretty simple if you use a mnemonic device when you begin to sit at your table. Consider the letters BMW which means that the bread plate to the left and the meal plate in the middle while the glasses of water are to the right. The napkin can either be put on the plate or placed left of the fork.

It is best to start using the utensils from outside in and make sure that you have an idea of which silverware will be used first on the outside. It also depends upon the number of courses is that you would have which might include more silverware than usual. Sometimes there could be additional cutlery like a fish for and a salad knife along with the dessert spoon.

Table manners follow a lot of dining protocol rules but most of these have been had ever since the you were children. It is best to sit up straight and not talk with your mouth full. Don’t use gestures with your silverware in hand and make sure that you keep your elbows of the table. Avoid gnawing on your food and licking your fingers and make sure that you chew with your mouth closed