5 Ways in Which The Pandemic Has Affected The Tourism Industry

The Aviation Industry got affected the most because, in over 100 countries, air travel was banned. It is highly unsafe to sit in an airplane during a time when we can’t share our breathing space with anyone else. Even though planes have air filtration systems it’s highly advised to avoid them because there is not enough distance between the passengers or fresh air.

So this industry received a major blow and has lost nearly 80% of the business even though it’s the fastest way to travel and people were stranded when they banned it. Even after the ban, most people are avoiding it although the tickets are almost half off.

People stopped staying in hotels as it’s unsanitary

The hardest thing is this, even if people manage to drive to a place they need a place to stay, but due to the pandemic, people don’t want to risk staying at a hotel or Airbnb. This happens because germs are left on door handles, beds, and carpets. Everything can’t be sterilized so it’s easy to transfer germs if people book them back to back. These businesses received a major blow as they have been vacant for months. 

Car Services

People usually get around using public transport or services like Uber during their tours. But that was suspended too. Public transport is the cheapest way to get around in a new city, but just like airplanes, trains or taxis aren’t very clean and lack fresh air.

This makes people feel threatened and was suspended by the government for some time. This affected the drivers of Uber and Kareem because they depended on their daily earnings to support their families. Also, taxi, bus, and train workers were jobless and haven’t recovered fully yet.

Many famous tourist attractions are closed

Organizations and Companies got their money from selling tickets and souvenirs to people. Many places like the Bean in Chicago, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Disneyland and adventure tours western Australia have closed down and will reopen. If large sites like these closed then we know that all the smaller and less popular ones closed as well that helped support small towns or cities.

These sites attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and that helped boost all industries of a country, especially the local vendors, who sell local food, souvenirs, clothes, and handcrafted goods. 

Reluctant to travel after the pandemic

Even after the pandemic ends people will be reluctant. As seen in some places the airplanes used weren’t maintained and they crashed. This may have been because many people were laid off and when there weren’t regular maintenance checks happening, so it ended in a disaster.

The aftershocks of this pandemic will affect everything even after the pandemic as people are cautious but hopefully, everything should recover. This pandemic has helped our environment a lot and has helped reverse the clock, this might slow down the sixth mass extinction. This also made the green sites a lot cleaner and so it may look more beautiful and may attract more people.