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Remember that any of our Tours can be changed to suit your

- Preferences
- Special interests
- In-Tour whims

You can stop to

  • Take a Photo
  • Take a Walk
  • Breathe the Air

The Choice is always YOURS

Boathouse at Daylesford Lake - on a Daytours Victoria tour
  • A family owned business, based in Melbourne.

  • Born and raised in Victoria.

  • Widely travelled in North America, Europe & Asia.

  • Articulate and well educated.

  • Mature & Responsible Driving.

Your safety and comfort is our Number 1 concern.
Our background is from the media, where our principal Barry Scanlon, was a radio & television broadcaster & photographer. He's still involved with voice-overs & Photography. Our appreciation of Victoria has come from the mileage we've travelled taking images for Janette & Barry Scanlon Photography.
We don't dress in uniforms and we're not pretentious. Our aim is to make you feel like you're on tour with one of your friends or family. We do ask that the intimate details of Auntie Maude's hernia operation remain a family secret.
How do you feel when you've been sold on (and paid for) a luxury tour and you arrive to find you're "stuck" with something not even as good as the family car, or worse, about the standard of your children's sport minibus?

Is your idea of luxury touring, being driven arround in a converted delivery van?

We guess if you're a bit of a daredevil, it might be, but we're not prepared to put your comfort (or your safety) to the test.

  • Parcels get delivered by Delivery Vans - NOT people.

Do you want ?

  • Leather seats
  • Climate control
  • Double sunroof
  • DVD in-car entertainment
  • Complimentary drinks, snacks, juice
  • Umbrellas, jackets and even fluffy towels

SNAP - you've found the right tour for you !

Take a Daytours Victoria tour and discover how private, escorted touring was meant to be enjoyed. You'll be collected from your hotel, to enjoy a day of carefully selected sights and experiences - in luxury.

Strictly limited numbers ensure personal, and attentive service for everyone on the tour.

Custom daytours are easy to arrange, as we're not locked into a formula, or worst of all - a timetable.

We can change our tours to suit your :

  • Wishes
  • Special Interests
  • Photographic requirements
  • Shopping targets

We are a Photographic-friendly touring company; we know how hard it is to travel with all the gear you REALLY need to take the sort of photos worth keeping. Victoria is a photographer's paradise, so make sure you bring everything you can.

We're happy to carry:

  • Digital storage backup for your camera
  • Filters
  • Tripods & monopods
  • Sensor & lens cleaning tools
  • Pelican or better, protective cases
  • Etc, Etc.

Yes, we're even old-fashioned enough to carry professional grade exposure meters.

Just make sure you tell us what you need when you book a tour.

Luxury? - It's all part of the Package


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