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Daytours Victoria Luxury Toyota Ultima touring vehicle


would you take a luxury tour -
in a converted delivery van?

We wouldn't and don't think

you should have to.

Let's Look at the Alternatives For Your Tour !

    • On a full-sized bus.
Fine as long as you don't mind sharing your day with 50 or 60 other people - and waiting for them, getting used to their voices, their standard of public behaviour, having to stand in a queue because there are so many of you. Post lunch is usually fun on a bus too.
  • On a midi-bus for 20 people.

Still some of the same problems as the big buses, but more suited to backpacker jaunts. Basic seating, vinyl floor, hardly adequate air-conditioning and still no privacy. Do you like communal beer-song singing ?

  • Converted delivery van, or factory/workshop shuttle.Inside a Ford Transit 12 seater

Ever hit a petrol drum with a hammer? Sounds pretty much like one of these little gems. Deliver machinery parts and parcels as one model and precious human cargo as another model. Still the same suspension, body and vinyl flooring, just a change in cargo and adding 12 very basic seats.
We wouldn't insult you.

  • 4 Wheel Drives.

There is no way an adult can be comfortable in the third row of one of these. That leaves them as a 3 passenger vehicle, with rugged (unforgiving) 4 wheel drive suspension. Hmmm !

  • Luxury model people mover.

Daytours Victoria dual glass sunroofIn a couple of forms, this is the only way to tour in comfort and privacy. Our vehicles of choice, are the prestige model, Toyota Tarago Ultima (A.K.A. Estima, Previa) They are built to handle like a car and seat like a limo, which means predictable behaviour on the road, in all conditions.

Our cars are also fitted with:

  • Leather seats - you DID want luxury didn't you?
  • Dual Glass sunroofs
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Climate control air-conditioning, with separate rear cooler and personal controls
  • Audio entertainment system
  • DVD video system
  • Anti-skid brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
  • Brake Assist (BA)Base model bench seats - look at ours below

A low centre of gravity and low profile tyres ensure comfort and consistency, while travelling. We limit our tours to 5 people normally, with 6 if YOU want.

Standard, competitor's Tarago interior

The vast majority of Toyota Taragos used by other companies for touring, are the economy model and just NOT a luxury proposition. They have a bench seat second row, to fit more people in AND have cloth seats and no climate control. Have a look at ours, below. We bothered to spend the extra money for your comfort and safety.

Notice we also have privacy glass in our cars

Daytours Victoria - luxury vehicle interior

Picture above is a Toyota car company publicity photo, but is identical to our interior. We didn't feel like cutting the side off a car to take the photo. The rear seat has an armrest in the centre.

To add to your comfort and convenience, our vehicles also carry extras other tours don't give you. Check here.


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