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The Great Ocean Road natural beauty

The Great Ocean Road

Voted as one of the 10
most picturesque drives in the world.

There is one main tour, with some variations.

All tours leave from Melbourne.

How far is it to the 12 Apostles from Melbourne?

For anyone wondering how far the 12 Apostles are from Melbourne, here's some perspective.

The return trip to the 12 Apostles is as far as:

  1. London to Gretna, or Berwick-on-Tweed
  2. New York to Norfolk Virginia
  3. 100 miles more than Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  4. Slightly less than L.A. to Phoenix

Quite frankly, there is so much beautiful scenery along the Great Ocean Road, that it's a crying shame to make the trip a whistle-stop tour.

Choices include:

  • The National Wool Museum at Geelong
  • A great late breakfast at Torquay
  • Fantastic beach walking at Anglesea
  • The "White Lady" lighthouse and Eagle Rock (better than any one Apostle) at Airey's Inlet.
  • Point Roadknight
  • The oh-so-genteel atmosphere at Lorne
  • The Otway Fly aerial forest walk, out from Apollo Bay
  • Pt. Flinders and Cape Otway lighthouse.
  • Beautiful scenery along the Otway inland roads
  • A flight to the 12 Apostles, London Bridge and Port Campbell.

Whenever we travel to this part of the world, for ourselves, we rarely get past Apollo Bay, because we just enjoy the rest of the trip so much, we run out of time. If you enjoy taking your time to wriggle your toes in the sand, then this is the speed for you. A break from sitting in the car all the time and lots of fresh air and mild exercise. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get some vigorous exercise if you'd like. We'll even take some fluffy towels for you, in case you can't resist the water.

The other tour is the one for people with a purpose - or just limited time and you have to get to the 12 Apostles "at ground zero".
We can't spend as much time wandering as we do on tour number one, but you'll see all the highlights.

A reminder that Winter is the absolute best time to appreciate the rugged coast and crashing ocean along the Great Ocean Road.

Tour Number One

Drive & Fly

This tour is a leisurely stroll along the features that Australia is renowned for - Beaches & Surf

We take the same route until Apollo Bay, where you board a small aircraft to fly over the 12 Apostles and London Bridge, returning to Apollo Bay.

This enables us to take a bit more time along the coast to Apollo Bay, to visit some of the beautiful Australian southern beaches and sights.

There's an opportunity for:

  • A stop for a very tasty bacon & egg (or vegetarian) late breakfast at Torquay. Well maybe it's more like brunch?
  • A great walk at Anglesea, along the beach.
  • A visit to the Airey's inlet lighthouse and Eagle Rock.
  • A chance to browse in the shops at Lorne - very latte.
  • Vist the Otway Fly for a walk in the treetops.
  • Really experience the beaches of Australia, along the Great Ocean Road.

At Apollo Bay, you board a light aircraft for a flight over The 12 Apostles, London Bridge and Port Campbell.

This is a spectacular way to see the sights and certainly saves a lot of "butt" time. People who've seen the Apostles both ways, usually prefer the sight from the air. It certainly avoids crushing together with the sightseers on the viewing platform.

Because we save the travelling time and distance in the car, we can make the flights proportionately cheaper than usual.

Flights are included in the price of the tour and obviously vary, depending on how many people are with us.

4 are cheaper than 2, etc.

Tour Number Two

All Driving

This is the tour that gets everything into one day - possible, but less leisurely.

To Geelong and then to The Great Ocean Road and:

  • Torquay,
  • Anglesea,
  • Lorne,
  • Apollo Bay - and on to
  • The 12 Apostles.

We return to Melbourne via the Princes Highway, through Colac, Winchelsea and Geelong.

The disadvantage of this tour, is that it has (along with ALL other single-day tours of the 12 Apostles, a lot of bum (butt) time.

Lots of travelling and lots of time sitting in the car. We're glad we've got comfortable leather seats for you for this one.

Variation 2

To get to the 12 Apostles before the crush of tourists taking the Great Ocean Road, we can always come in from the Colac way (bypassing the Great Ocean Road) and get here 3 hours before the rush hour.

We can then take our time travelling back along the Great Ocean Road, on our way back to Melbourne. The Road Less Travelled?

Our suggestion?

To get the maximum out of a tour like this, arrange to stay overnight at Apollo Bay and devote a day to the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, The Bay of Islands and The Bay of Martyrs. Plenty of time. It would even give you time to visit the cheese factory at Allansford, if you're a "cheesie"

Ask us about a 2 day tour, tailored to you.

Click the images for the routes. Short on the left - long on the right.

Great Ocean Road tour - Short route Great Ocean Road tour - Long route

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