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Remember that any of our Tours can be changed to suit your

- Preferences
- Special interests
- In-Tour whims

You can stop to

  • Take a Photo
  • Take a Walk
  • Breathe the Air

The Choice is always YOURS


Corporate Services

  • Accompanying Person Programs
  • Client Spouse Activities
  • Incentive Rewards
  • International Visitors
  • Site Visits & Meetings

Take care of your visiting clients - and still have a home life.

You have clients and associates visiting you from interstate and overseas, but you also need to have somewhere left to go home to, after they leave. It's no good if you close the deal, but you're in the doghouse at home.

Relieve yourself of the hassle of:

  • Picking associates up from the airport and showing them the sights.
  • Taking care of their accompanying partner's free time
  • Orientation tours on the way to site or project locations
  • Airport departure as part of their touring activities

Now, what was the address of the Family Court?

Why don't you go home, take your time relaxing after the day, see the family, quiet the spouse's nerves that you are home in time and then arrive at your venue, relaxed and in command. Sounds a whole lot better than being stressed and getting a speeding fine on the way.

Our client and accompanying person program

One of the most difficult tasks you'll face, is to occupy the partners of your visiting dignitaries or clients, without looking like you're just getting rid of them for the day.

Let us organise the day for them and treat them as they deserve whilst earning points for you.

Any of our tours can be modified to suit, including overnight stays to the "Man from Snowy River" country, or 12 Apostles.

Employee Incentive Programs

Treat your employees to a worthwhile reward for Employee of the Month or similar achievments. They can be collected from their home and taken on one of our daytours, to ensure that when they return to work, they'll be raring to go and hot to make you a lot more productive.

Contact Barry to talk about your particular solution.


Corporate & Club Services
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The Surf
The Girls'
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A Great Lunch
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Bendigo Gold &
Chinese History
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The Golden Hills
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