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Remember that any of our Tours can be changed to suit your

- Preferences
- Special interests
- In-Tour whims

You can stop to

  • Take a Photo
  • Take a Walk
  • Breathe the Air

The Choice is always YOURS

Got a Problem - Call us ! We're here to help.
Melbourne skyline from Williamstown

Concierge Services

    • If you get stuck

    • If you need something

    • If you get in a bind

Ask a local - We'll help you out

Taking care of you doesn't finish at your hotel after a tour.

If, while you're in Melbourne (and you've taken a tour with us) you need help from a local - just call.

For instance:Dockside in Port Melbourne Victoria

  • Where to find, see, or buy something
  • Back up your digital camera card
  • Where to get photos printed
  • Just plain got yourself lost

or even when you're stuck with a -

  • "Do they really do that here" type of question.

We're not kidding

and this is

not marketing hype.

If you've taken a tour with us and you get stuck, or in a pickle and need our help, all you need to do is call. If we can help - we will. You can pay us by telling your friends back home about our tours.

Don't forget that many hotel concierge' are absolute magicians at this, so don't discount them as a first call.

Shopped a bit too much - leave it to us!

We once got stuck at Heathrow Airport, with excess baggage and a VERY officious "customer service representative" who wanted 600 British pounds to get a suitcase back to Australia. If we can help you avoid that, we'll be very happy.

If you're at the Airport and get stuck with an excess baggage bill, take your heavy, extra case out of the system, go to a phone, call us and we'll arrange for our freight people to get your excess baggage back home at the cheapest rate we can find.

We used to bring 40 foot containers into Australia, so we have a few contacts in air and sea freight.

Your case (or package) will be securely boxed to protect it, before being sent home to you. The cost will be on a strictly out-of-pocket basis, plus 5%.


Corporate & Club Services
Melbourne City and Surrounds
The Girls'
Day Out
Kyneton and
A Great Lunch
Maldon to
Bendigo Gold &
Chinese History
Ballarat and
the Spa Country
Walhalla and
The Golden Hills
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