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If you feel like you've been out for a day with friends, then we've done what we set out to do.

Change our tours


Remember that any of our Tours can be changed to suit your

- Preferences
- Special interests
- In-Tour whims

You can stop to

  • Take a Photo
  • Take a Walk
  • Breathe the Air

The Choice is always YOURS

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"More Like a Limo Than a Daytour."

Daytours Victoria Tarago Ultima Vehicle

You Deserve

A Relaxing Break

A Premier Experience

Personal Attention
Fun !!

Free Pick Up from your Hotel or Cruise Ship

At Daytours Victoria we keep things simple
Every private tour from Daytours Victoria is
  • Geared to your Enjoyment and Relaxation
  • The real benchmark in small-group, luxury, private tours.

There's not much point, staying at a 5 star hotel and then going on tour in a vehicle more suited to a homeless shelter. We think that you'd prefer to walk out of your hotel into equivalent surroundings.

Luxury should MEAN Luxury

See the details about our vehicles here.

How Do We Work? - VERY important!

Our operation is very simple:
We do not take bookings from unrelated clients to fill the vehicle to capacity. We function on the basis that you want the vehicle and driver to yourself and your friends/family. The prices you see, are based on that.

There is a small additional charge (at cost) for each person, if there are attractions we visit, or for ferries, etc. but generally the price is for the vehicle and driver/guide for the duration of the tour.

That said, sometimes another couple at the same hotel, or on the same cruise ship, may wish to share with you. That is okay for you to organise, as long as we know about it before the tour starts.

What happens if:

  • You want to go for a swim in the beautiful Australian ocean
  • It rains and you get literally, soaking wet
  • Your hands get sticky from the cake or sweet treat you couldn't resist.

If you're on a bus, or a lower standard private tour you can always dry yourself with your handkerchief or paper "towels" from the cafe or public toilet. We're sure you'll be comfortable with that for about 10 minutes.

What happens on a Daytours Victoria Tour?

We carry moist towelettes and quality fluffy towels to make sure you're dry and comfortable for the rest of the day. No fun going to an Australian beach without being able to have a swim. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit though.

It pays to compare the extras on a Daytours Victoria daytour when it comes to your day out. You will find there is no real alternative for your tour dollar.

Our high standard of care, doesn't mean we're like the formal chauffeur, making you feel self conscious and uncomfortable. We aim to take you on a friendly and fun tour, where you're free to be yourself.

Come with us, as we show you:

  • Beautiful Hills
  • Breathtaking coastal scenery
  • Historic seaside villages
  • Rugged goldmining areas
  • Wineries and Eateries
  • Shopping for Australian products at great prices

The Beautiful State of Victoria

"The Garden State"

The tours you see on the following pages, are starting points. You can take them as they are presented, or vary them to whatever extent you wish, to fit in with your personal tastes or mood.

We take YOUR HOLIDAY very seriously, with sights and experiences that are REALLY worth visiting, and shops that offer the best value.

We've spent weekends, bored out of our brains, in places which were blatantly misrepresented in tourist brochures. They were true backwaters. We'll keep you as far away from anything like that, as we can.

Corporate & Club Services
Melbourne City and Surrounds
The Girls'
Day Out
Kyneton and
A Great Lunch
Maldon to
Bendigo Gold &
Chinese History
Ballarat and
the Spa Country
Walhalla and
The Golden Hills
All Our Tours

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